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Composing crazy music from discarded objects

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

I recently saw a demonstration of some of the musical inventions that will be played during the upcoming performance of SchickMachine, the latest work of the The Paul Dresher Ensemble. The non-conventional instruments are made from strange objects, including a lot of reclaimed junk and decommissioned relics, such as an old church organ.

The show is sort of a combination of concert and theater, with large and outlandish instruments providing drama on stage. The team recognized that traditional concert instruments require fine motor skills and are consequently difficult to see from several feet away in the audience. To better connect with the audience, they have created large instruments, some of which are robotic and others that interact with the performer’s entire body. One of the coolest instruments, is an experimental hurdy gurdy that the team of musical inventors created. Below is a demonstration of some of the instruments that will be played in the solo show: